Janaan Health annual: Grand Education Award Ceremony & BloodCare JHAAGO 2023

Cancer Care 2023

Feasibility assessment of establishing health link with UK-Bangladesh BIHS/BADAS

JHAAGO Eye Health // 7th July 2023 // Kulaura Paurashava , Moulvibazar.

Janaan Health Ramadan Gift 2023, Bhatera, Kulaura , Sylhet.

Establishing Integrated next generation patient Care in Bangladesh.

JHAAGO Eye Health ,17th February 2023.

CMCH and SOMCH meeting.

The International Scientific Conference “TRANSFORMATION OF STROKE CARE” 11th November 2022 | Professor. Dr. Amin Islam | Young Age Stroke | Channel 24

Janaan Health Education Award Event: Advice Awareness Guidance and Outcomes (JHAAGO). ( First Aid and Rapid Response: Save Lives )