Health and Education

Janaan health believes in the true value of education to change individuals and the community as a whole . The education is the most important tool in life as it is one of the most effective way of relieving poverty, give dignity and a life full of hope and empowerments , after all change the community as a whole. By educating children, you empower them to break the cycle of poverty and give them the opportunity to aspire and create brighter futures for themselves.

By educating women, you educate the community and enable women to change the path of life for her family. Through vocational education, you give people the ability to find ways of generating their own income so that they can lift themselves out of deprivation.

It’s the appreciation of the true value of health and  education stimulated the creation of the Janaan health as we look ahead, education remains at the heart of everything we do. Be it entrepreneurship, health education or primary schooling in the developing world, we simply believe that education is the solution.

Medical education comes as one of our main area where we support physician and tomorrows doctors to be empowered with flourishing knowledge to deliver towards the humanity and care with empathy. Health is of paramount importance in human life. Both mind and body goes together one affects another. 

Sharing experiences from the east west and Middle East and learn from each other. Ferozabari Rehabilitation centre, Dhaka, April 2012.

CD19 Monoclonal antibody development trial, investigator meeting, Lisbon, 7th April 2017

We conduct Health education programmes and seminars. Incorporations with world expert and guidelines tailored to the need of low and middle income countries (LMICS). Examples of Ghana and BENIN( presented in BSH Glasgow 2016) Encourage and advocate Cheaper drugs where no way to found the curative regimens such as RCHOP instead to give Thalidomide if they prefer to keep them alive or in some case cure even.

Janaan Health is to Work together with LMIC health care workers and stakeholders in way they don’t feel isolated and pushed, tolerance and slow information with engagements is essential.

  • -Collaborations with national and international experts.
  • -Easy access to information and guidelines where needed to guide.
  • -Video link and MDT approach.
  • -Share the knowledge.
  • -Health links.
  • -Creating health link among the LMIC to share the knowledge and expertise to improve the global health outcomes.

we planned to create Patients and case based teaching after appropriate consent from patients and relatives as real life visual story create huge impacts on the way we learn and remember the case and share experience.
To change behaviour and reduce the chance of infection and cancer we need to show the real life stories to create awareness among general population.