Safe blood and save lives campaign

safe bloodWorking in the UK NHS and  closely with NHS blood and transplant as hospital transfusion committee chairman, I feel there is an enormous need to create awareness and advise on safer blood transfusion globally, especially among the Afro -Asian communities where first degree relative blood donation remain the common sources of blood transfusion. NHS has the safest blood donation record in the world and behind this there are  huge effort and constant work in progress.

Safer blood saves lives at the same time unsafe or in appropriate blood transfusion can have grave and serious consequences in human health

Janaan health aim is to promote safer blood and blood component transfusion globally via education, create awareness and advice among health care providers, patients, relatives, and support groups.

Creating simple blood transfusion and massive transfusion protocol incorporating with local guideline.

Thalassemia centre, Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Our joint effort recently have change and created awareness among physicians in Bangladesh to use cryoprecipitate first time haemophilic boys in Bangladesh in 2014 after a huge campaign with major tertiary hospital and blood donation centres in Dhaka.  This was joint a project with The Royal London hospital and BSSMU , Dhaka medical , Dhaka children hospital and Red crescent.

IMG_0555 (4) safe blood campaign 2014.

We will continue to work towards safer bloods globally.