Fareeha Janaan (16TH OF APRIL 1999- 18TH NOVEMBER 1999) is our daughter who died of an incurable childhood cancer at Great Ormond Street Children Hospital in London. The Janaan health is founded in the fond memory of our beloved daughter.

The  Janaan Health begun since our fond beloved daughter died from an incurable childhood cancer despite all the effort from world’s best specialist care at great Ormond street children hospital in November 1999. Saddened, helpless physicians fathers only consolation; Fareeha has been treated in the best centre with outmost effort , nothing else could have been done for her in this world;. The example of care I witnessed- the care ,the compassion and the empathy Fareeha and we have received as parents are and will always vivid in my mind. That should be the case in reality for each and every individual in the society, I believe always.

I have always hope and dream of helping people who are disadvantaged due to the demographics, where they live in as an incidence, unprivileged ,what is not determined by the individuals.Baba Hafiz Mohammed Yusuf Ali always used to say to me ‘become a trained specialist doctor, gain wealth of experience and knowledge to help the needy who are desperate during their time in need’

I moved to the UK after completing my final medical degree and started as a trainee physician in the UK. I was inspired and fascinated by the way the NHS system works and the total support the patients and their families receives in the UK. A patient can and has any treatment anywhere in the country without spending a penny from their pockets, the great system and great true democracy with welfare system in place, is truly amazing. I completed my basic medical training and obtained my MRCP UK degree. Being a physician I always wanted to see myself as a physician cum scientist, I have successfully secured my national training number in haematology; the opportunities came to work in a field where science is always behind the cure.

I had the great opportunities to get training in the world’s most prestigious hospitals such as Royal Marsden NHS foundation trust, Addenbrookes, Cambridge university Hospitals and St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London hospitals. The dream of transferring the knowledge to developing countries where the majority of population lives in need, is always at the back of my mind, to share, to transfer and improve, those haunts me at all times.

Finally the Almighty has given me the training in a field where the hope of cure resides; I have completed my training and obtained the FRCPath in Haematology and the CCT UK. Now I so much want to get my knowledge transferred and shared in those communities where there is a desperate need. We all know and have experiences where our loved ones lost their lives due to lack of early detections, diagnostic difficulties and timely treatments. Here I would like to share two personnel experiences where both of my loved ones lost their lives but in two very different ways.

My beloved Fareeha was diagnosed to have primitive neuroectodermal tumour in great Ormond street children hospital, despite the speedy diagnosis, treatment initiation she died at the age of 7 months and 2 days; we were devastated with the sad ending of her life, I as a physician father accepted the Almighty’s wish and the consolation that she had the best possible treatment one could ever had.

On the other hand in 2004, my 11 years old nephew who presented to the physician with bone pain and lump in the neck, he underwent test and repeated bone marrow test in different hospital in a country where the diagnostic pathway of suspected cancer is not so well established, He was then transferred to Combined Military Hospital , Dhaka. A presumptive diagnosis of T ALL were made. The anxiety and suffering the child and his family experienced were so painful is still vivid in my memory all the time.

I was fortunate to know Dr Shekhar Krishnan a paediatric haematologist from Malaysian Medical University who was in his further training in St Bartholomew’s hospital, created a modified protocol for my nephew. I myself eventually took the modified protocol and started the induction chemotherapy in a local hospital which gave him 13 months in remission. Unfortunately he relapsed his disease and died of bone marrow failure when he needed bone marrow transplantation. The first hand experiences of diagnostic difficulties, lack of appropriate blood component support and management of neutropenic sepsis made me so helpless. After making contact I got help from Trivandrum Medical College Hospital in India and arranged his transfer. Sadly, my nephew little Uzzal died of bleeding the day of his planned transfer.

There are many more experiences I have as a haematologist where timely diagnosis and intervention clearly could have made the difference and I am sure we all have the same experiences. Blood and blood related disorders are so serious that one needs to act very fast to save life; it requires timely action, clear pathways, trained personnel with right diagnostic tools.

With all these in mind Janaan health is working and advocating towards a unique solution which is modern, life saving and affordable for all.


Janaan Health is a charitable project of  Fareeha Janaan Limited Company, England and Wales and fully supported by the company on its own