Janaan Health visions

Janaan Health believes, integrated, affordable and safe care are the only solution to get the services closer to people, irrespective of where they live and what their socioeconomic conditions are.

Affordable healthcare for all, use cutting edge technology to deliver modern health care for the best outcome of patients.

Our mission

  • Health education, Awareness to prevent, sharing expertise, screening programmes, corrective measures, fight blood related disorders, promote stem cell registry and transplantations FOR BEST HOPE OF CURE.
  • To reduce people dying from cancer, make patients’ lives better,  ways to stop cancer happening in the first place ,preventing strategy
  • working towards every single person with cancer diagnosis survives or at least gets best care and no one dies  prematurely.
  • Long term disease free survival and the cure .
  • People with a diagnosis of cancer should be able to live their lives to the full: free from the fear of relapse; free from side effects and free to do the things they love.
  • Work to improve quality of life until cancer no longer has an impact.
  • Education and training to disseminate information
  • Health education and screening to prevent disease and early detection to correct the disabilities.
  • Promote safer blood and blood transfusion to prevent transfusion transmitted infection.
  • Create awareness and counselling amongst people to reduce global burden of preventable disease such as thalassemia’s and sickle cell disease.
  • Share policies and guidelines to achieve optimal outcomes
  • African-Asian bone marrow registry to improve easy availability of donors to cure diseases
  • Help to establish  centres for blood science and stem cell transplantation – which is affordable to all.
  • Empowering communities by educating the poor and women