Patient and relatives support

We are heavily involved with various patient support groups nationally and internationally. Listen with empathy, counsel and support during the time of need.

Providing link with international and national web, to get information’s, posters, appropriate patients information booklet and leaflets about their conditions to get the optimal outcome from their treatment. Where appropriate palliative approach and counseling.

Advice from cancer back up and McMillan cancer support groups. There is a desperate need for Bengali translated information of various cancers among Bangladeshi people living in the UK; especially those are of first generation We here live in a country where people from almost all ethnic and racial background reside.

It’s vital to understand the each and every step of care given to an individual for better outcome. During my training period I felt there is a desperate need to publish something in their own spoken languages, I was trained in central and east London where main Bengali people live.

I found that they either come with children who often assist in translating, I was in a position to translate in Bengali, but I felt if we had patient information leaflet’s in their own languages for various cancers then patient can read them in their own time and later ask question when they meet the health care provider.

I am in a position to work with other organization such as myeloma and lymphoma association and translate patients’ information in Bengali to start off with then we can look for other version as well.

People can be given the web site address or printed copy of information in their own languages.

Production of videos regarding induvidual disease and provide guidence and support in a way patients and their relatives can  understand throughout their illness, from both doctors and clinical nurse specialist perspectives sharing the experiences and tales.