Quality improvement campaign

Pathology: “Science behind the cure”

Providing accurate investigation is the key in diagnosing the disease and the outcomes.  There should be national and international standard and quality control scheme to safeguard the clinical practice. There has been concern among physicians that there has been enormous difference between laboratories and test results. Among physicians there are concerns and fears of wrong diagnosis due to variability and reliability of test results.

Increasingly newer techniques and newer disease are emerging, newer technology is able to detect and help diagnosing disease in timely fashions only if the tools are standardized and validated. Janaan Health is campaigning to minimize the errors and miss diagnosis by encouraging the authorities to create their national EQAS and get involved with international QASs so inequalities will be reduced.

It’s now very easy to be involved in EQAS scheme and submit the local test results and investigations online and then compare with other national and international lab how best the particular lab is doing, thereby addressing the training needs and improve the global practise as a whole.

Teaching and disseminating those information and get the bodies work together is one of the vital mission of Janaan health education programmes.

Ultimate goals are:

  • Disseminate information among expert.
  • NEQAS local and international to maintain the quality services for the optimal outcome of our patients.
  • Confidence among physician to trust laboratories results produced and has consistencies.
  • Real life stories how difficult are the cases and can be to make proper diagnosis and the key to success, educate and engage the physician and scientist to engage the quality testing and validation process.