a young patient was anesthetized for emergency evacuation of retain product of conception, lab called to say she has a non specific antibody and needs 3 more tube bloods for detail antibody detection in national blood services as per protocols

what would be your approach in such situation:

what is the blood group of the patient ?: A Rh D positive so haemolytic disease of new born is not a problem in future

How likely she will be needing blood transfusion? in other word expected blood loss?: very unlikely. in that case go ahead with the surgery and try to avoid blood transfusion. discuss with 24/7 on call haematologist in case she need transfusion

In emergency what types of blood should be selected: O positive in this patient as she is A Rh D positive

what are the risk to mother if she receives O positive bloods : She might have developed delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction if developed specific antibodies

In Emergency there are always help available either locally or nationally from NHS blood and transplant for any blood transfusion issues


For more reading please visit NHS blood and transplant web page and contact haematologist in your area/hospital

Dr Amin Islam FRCP FRCPath